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About Us

Uni-TutorsUni-Tutors Hong Kong is a tutoring service offering a unique platform to pair the young minds in primary and secondary school, with students studying at top universities in Hong Kong. Founded by undergraduate students at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, all our tutors have recently passed various high-caliber curricula and are among the best performing students in Hong Kong.

Uni-Tutors Hong Kong is an initiative which aims to provide a unique opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and get a chance to be taught by the best students in Hong Kong. All of the tutors who work with us are highly skilled in their fields and the related subjects. This is a highly beneficial opportunity for students to interact and learn all the neccesities which are required to achieve top results. Along the way, Uni-tutors Hong Kong will provide you with a firm stepping stone for students to get into the degree’s of their choice. Furthermore, we provide a free consultation to help you select the right tutor for your student’s needs.

Our center offers a range of programs including the GCSE, IGCSE, HKDSE, A-Level (AS/A2), IB and SAT. We specialize in individual and small group classes, and offer the option of residence visits for your convenience.

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