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International Baccalaureate

We offer extensive tutoring services for the International Baccalaureate program, which many of our tutors have recently completed.

The fundamental subjects such as Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Economics and Business  are offered at both Standard and Higher level, and further specialized tutoring  is offered for subjects such as Environmental Science, Theatre Arts, as well as the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge (ToK). We also offer tutoring for languages (both A1 and A2) such as French and Spanish from both native speakers and students who have recently sat these subjects in the IB exams.

Please click on these links to be directed to our tutors who specialize in the following subjects:

 Physics (HL/SL)  History (HL/SL)
 Mathematics (HL/SL)  Chemistry (HL/SL)
 French A2 (HL/SL)  Economics (HL/SL)
 English A1/A2 (HL/SL)  Buisness and Management (HL/SL)

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